Pay What Feels Good

In the spirit of dana (cultivating generosity) and asteya (non-stealing), Morning Dharma classes are offered through donation. 

The idea is to give in balance – to not ‘steal’ from ourselves to give to others. Consider that we can not be poor enough to help the poor nor sick enough to help the sick. Taking care of ourselves allows us better serve those around us and the greater world — to give and receive with grace.

Your generosity and support of this practice is greatly appreciated.
It allows me to also live in balance – giving of myself knowing that my teachings hold value while ensuring that everyone has access to the practices no matter their ability to pay.

For those of us born into capitalism, determining what to give can be challenging since we are simply not custom to thinking this way. To make it easier, I’ve set four payment options:

$8 single class
$32 one class per week
$64 two classes per week
Any Amount

By clicking the link below, you can donate online and make a one-time payment or set up a recurring payment.

In gratitude,

Please note that receipts will show from Eden Design, LLC

Pay What Feels Good